Our Team

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Subhajit Saha


Conservation Biologist


"I am a conservationist with varied interests around the field, including, primatology, natural history, human-wildlife interface, livelihoods, and conservation policy study. I have a background in both academic as well as independent research, university teaching experience, and industrial consultancy experience."

Email: subhajit.hecalp@gmail.com

Tel: +91 - 9475819351

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Sumitava Dutta

Environment Expert


"I am an environmental engineer and biotechnologist by training. My professional interest is in environmental management with particular focus on air pollution, solid waste management, and environmental impact assessment. I am also interested in climate change research. I have almost a decade of experience in industry, academia, and NGOs."

Email: sumitava.dutta88@gmail.com

Tel: +91 - 7696787383 / 9041004225

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Rudranath Sarkhel

Renewable Energy Expert


"I am a chemical engineer by training with special interest in new and renewable energy. I specialise on hydrogen energy and fuel cells and am also interested in solar energy, green technology and sustainable development. My research experience includes assessment of sewage treatment technologies (IIT-Madras) and hydrogen energy research (MNRE, GoI, & NISE, India)."

Email: rudranath.sarkhel@gmail.com

Tel: +91 - 9932989818

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Pinaki Barman




"I am a banker by profession, presently working as an Assistant Manager of Bank of Baroda. My professional specialisations include managing high volume money counts and other banking responsibilities. I have always been fascinated by nature and I often end up exploring different forests and natural areas around."

Email: pinakib22@gmail.com

Tel: +91 - 7384625624

Rizwan Ali Khan


Socio-Economic Expert


Research Associate

"I am an environmental researcher specialising in socio-economics, forest ecology, and laboratory analysis in environmental science. I have experience in academic research, consultancy projects and conservation projects."

Email: rizwansenr@gmail.com

Tel: +91 - 7409884264

Subhasis Mahato

GIS Expert


Research Affiliate

"I am a forestry & natural resource specialist with interests in wildlife biology, ecosystem services, GIS & remote sensing, and environmental impact assessment. I did my PhD in forestry and I also have a masters in geo-informatics."

Email: subhasis.prl@gmail.com

Tel: +91 - 9719273071