About Askot

Askot Foundation is a non-profit organisation registered as a Public Charitable Trust at Dehradun, India under the Indian Trusts Act, 1882 (registration number: 152/2019). It was founded on 18th January 2019 by a group of childhood friends with a common goal of working towards the betterment of nature and people through research, implementation, and awareness generation. Askot strives to focus on action-oriented projects rather than pure empirical research, as we recognise the need for immediate steps in saving our planet's biodiversity and maintaining environmental balance through effective conservation planning and implementation. We also recognise that such goals can only be achieved through holistic awareness generation from grass-root individuals to the highest echelons of the polity.

The name: "Askot" is derived from the small Himalayan town of Askot (Askote) and the historical kingdom of the same

name once existing in the landscape. The present-day Askot Landscape is a biodiversity-rich area of the Western

Himalayas and is a part of the Kailash Sacred Landscape within the State of Uttarakhand, India. The name "Askot

Foundation" was thought by our founder who started his research work in the area which ultimately inspired the

establishment of the organisation.

The logo: The logo of Askot Foundation consists of three leaves of the Peepal tree (the Sacred Fig, Ficus

religiosa), a large semi-evergreen fig with immense ecological, cultural and religious value in the Indian 

Subcontinent and adjacent regions of Asia. It is believed that Gautama Buddha attained Bodhi 

(enlightenment) under a Peepal tree (the Bodhi Vriksha), whose descendants can be found in many places

of the world today, most notably in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka. Peepal is perhaps the most famous representation of the connection between humans and nature, in the Indian context. The three colours of the logo symbolise three important aspects of the planet: life (green), earth (yellow), and water (blue), which are bound to each other through an unbreakable bond, represented in the logo by the triangular design.

Board of Trustees:

1. Subhajit Saha (Chairman)

2. Sumitava Dutta (Managing Trustee)

3. Pinaki Barman (Treasurer)

4. Rudranath Sarkhel (Secretary)

We have registered ourselves with the NGO Darpan portal, NITI Aayog, Government of India. Find out here.

We acknowledge the continuous support and encouragement from the Conservation Leadership Programme (CLP) in the process leading up to the founding of Askot and the CLP idea of dedicated conservation non-profits led by young people that has been a great guiding principle for us.